TheRoadToSerfdom Wrote:
Jul 18, 2012 7:50 AM
Why do people keep giving this President a pass on what he meant or didn't mean? Who allowed Assad to get to this point in his murderous rampage on his people? It was the collective apathy of the people making excuse after excuse for their leaders. I'm sure there were individuals who stood up through out the years, but then Assad would give the people a gift of some great deed or more entitlement programs for the Syrians and Hillary Clinton would call him a "Reformer" - APATHY- He Bought His People and his Allies. This is politics. Don't be bought by Obama's hand outs. He's not making life easier for ANY group or class. He is skillfully crafting apathetic people. He's no Zig Zigar or Earl Nightingale, just another tyrant.