Bill1036 Wrote:
Jul 17, 2012 7:46 AM
Condi Clueless: NO to Liberal, Anti-Israel Mother of HAMASastan for VP; Obama in a Skirt (Voted 4 Him) By Debbie Schlussel Condoleezza Rice, or as I more aptly call her on this site, “Condi Clueless,” has often bragged, “I’m an affirmative action baby.” And she’s right. She got everywhere in life and in the Republican Party not on competence, qualifications, or conservative principles, but on the fact that she’s a Black chick. And only on that fact. She’s a liberal Sovietologist who is the mother of HAMASastan. She’s a pro-abortion liberal who voted for Obama and supports gay marriage. Is it really a victory over Barack Obama if the VP candidate on the other side is Barack Obama in a skirt . . . or in Condi Clueless’ case, Barack Obama in a