RMan3 Wrote:
Jul 14, 2012 8:11 PM
I've found many poor people are very good at staying poor. At 19, I worked on a farm in the summer. It required lifting 60-pound bales of hay. In 10 weeks, I worked with 9 different helpers. I knew many of them from school, one an infamous “tough guy” bully. They were from poor families. This farmer told me he hired the poor to help them “get ahead.” Well, not one of these 9 guys lasted longer than 10 days. (The "tough guy" - 4 days!) They all quit, saying the job was "stupid" or "ridiculous." I saw one guy later at the grocery store using – yup – food stamps. "I just can't find 'good work,'" he said. I was the only worker who lasted the entire 10 weeks. The farmer refused to hire "the poor" after that because they had no work ethic.