john3124 Wrote:
Jul 14, 2012 2:38 PM
Wow, a link to another Soros-funded site trying to muddy the issue and provide propaganda for leftists. Did you ever take into account that Reagan had a DEMOCRAT-controlled congress? No, you forgot that part, didn't you? Reagan made a deal to cut taxes with the Dem congress, in exchange for some spending cuts. The taxes were cut, the revenue almost doubled, yet the DEM congress not only didn't cut spending, they spent all the increased revenue. But now you're here to save the day and let us all know that Reagan did, actually, raise taxes. And what, exactly, is the purpose of this? Oh yeah, you're hoping that we'll like Reagan less... and Obama more? Wow, you are a tool. Peddling lies, on a hopeless errand. Good luck with that.