ABN-RGR Wrote:
Jul 12, 2012 2:00 PM
"Wrong! It costs the taxpayers every time they have to pay a toll to drive over a road they have already paid for. It's taxation by other means." Really, how can you say that. If you drive on it, you pay a toll. No one is forcing you to drive on it. You are paying for a privilege, by paying a toll. Unlike our taxes, where I pay into a general fund that goes to fund things I don't know about, or people I don't want to assist or to pork projects in other states that don't benefit me even indirectly. If I want to fly, I pay for a ticket; if I want to shop, I buy only what I choose; if I want to eat, I buy the food I choose - and if I want to drive on a toll road, I will pay a toll. That is far preferable to being taxed to death!