Drew139 Wrote:
Jul 10, 2012 10:22 PM
head of state, but he wasn't labeled a muslim! what buffoons. Give me a freaking break with this "Obama hates America" BS! Good flipping grief! Pray tell how in God's name he's "trying to ruin this country"? It's not that they don't notice, it's that they Hate President Obama that much. They Hate him with every fiber of their being. They Hate him with a capital H. And they HATE the fact that they lost to a n-word. I mean, if you listen to the implications of opponents of Obama, he's out to destroy America and make us all dependent on the government. Who, in their right mind, believes this? It's nonsense. He has a different view of government's role in society than his opponents, that's it. I've seen nothing in his actions,