darkcyder Wrote:
Jul 10, 2012 7:09 PM
Methinks Jeffy got the saddle on the wrong side of the horse when he was younger. Hooves to the head left him as he is. There is a reason why we have quotas. Spend some time in Southa Africa, and you will see what it is like when a million Janitors move to your smal town. None of them want to do anything productive- but they all want work or a handout. Schools? Books? nah- I'll clean up your mess, and hold out my hand instead. America should be after the best and brightest, and challenge them to come here. For instance, try to immigrate to Australia. Unless you are productive, have a specialty to offer, or have lots of money to invest you need not apply. OK to question the quota balance, but recognize they exist for good reasons.