NorthernNeighbor Wrote:
Jul 10, 2012 6:28 PM
I must be missing something here. 1st . . . Why is $1 trillion of Medicare invested in our own citizens considered socialism, viz., a bad thing. Meanwhile $3 trillion was spent killing foreigners in an unnecessary war (a Christian thing?). 2nd . . . There seems to be a "Chicken Little" mentality about the future of the country under universal health care even though they can get free health care at any hospital simply by not having the capacity of paying the bill. The American public ends up picking up the tab with higher premiums and more bankruptcies. 3rd . . . Why does the 1% get to pay a 30% lower tax rate than the middle class worker. No wonder they support Romney with mega $$$. They could lose mega $$$ if their tax goes up 2%.