jclark510 Wrote:
Jul 10, 2012 5:45 PM
Bonds, for all of his questionable substance use, stands out because he did his amazing feats in a completely unsegregated MLB. His combination of speed, defense, and all-around hitting when he was younger added to his prodigious power, average, and OPS as he aged was something to behold. He is roundly, and rightly, criticized for his probable PED use (hat sizes aren't supposed to change in your thirties!), but what is often times overlooked is that he was HOF-bound before there were any reasons to wonder about PED use. The numbers he put up for his career in every category are stunning and include 7 MVP awards. 762 HR, 514 SB, 2558 BB ( including an astonishing 688 IBB!), and a 1.051 OPS. Worth consideration.