USMC2531 Wrote:
Jul 10, 2012 5:27 PM
quick break in the weqther RG Telluride Wrote: 4 minutes ago (7:23 PM) 0311/2531 JOY-BOY Pedophile.. I am highly trained in all aspects of modern war both conventional and especially nuclear. I am particular capable in the art of war above, upon and below the oceans and seas should ever such break out anywhere upon this earth. I am the one the Russians feared most while knowing on their part my ability to neutralize and eviscerate their Naval forces.. anywhere on Earth. That they fear to this day even with their Navy having been considerably downsized since 1991. It is I who would have guided the US Navy war effort.. and have prevailed against that nation's Naval forces.. and would have done so with precision and ruthlessness unh