Doubtful Avenger Wrote:
Jul 09, 2012 10:41 AM
I hope Sowell gets to infielders soon. While I think Ruth was the best overall player ever, How do you talk All Stars without mentioning Ozzie (15 All Star games, 13 Golden Gloves); Mike Schmidt - 10 GG's, .983 fielding lifetime, and a bat! Ryne Sandberg, (9GG's, .989, and great hitter); Roberto Alomar (10 GG's, .984), and even A-Rod, who is the best shortstop in the current game but doesn't play there because of Jeter. Robinson, Nettles, Grich, Belanger, Boyer, Hubbard, Aparicio, Mazeroski - all meant more to their teams than even the greatest of hitters. But I played second, so I am biased.