country0129 Wrote:
Jul 09, 2012 7:21 AM
I am an inherently sober and unamused person, but I, too, was LSHMBB (acronym supplied below) upon perusing the prose of Mr. Adams just now. What was distressingly UNAMUSING was how "spot-on" this literary masterpiece approximated the mood of those of us that are fed up with the general direction our country is being herded today. Is there an innoculation for the disease that has stricken our country? Is the CDC working on a cure? I am afraid that the only 'cure' is also discounted by those responsible for our great country's decline towards an irretrievable end. I am, indeed, despondent due to my children and grandchildren having to live in these times. I am no longer LSHMBB. L.aughing S.o H.ard M.y B.elly B.ounces