btover Wrote:
Jul 08, 2012 10:03 AM
I hope ALL veterans remember what this unpatriotic turd has done in a public affront to our Nation. He wouldn't wear a U.S. flag pin, he has a history of not facing the flag nor putting his hand to his heart, and bows to foreign leaders in an obsequious camera pose. Just look up Google images of him and you'll see it plainly. I cannot stand how he can't walk down the plane ramp with dignity, instead he trots down as if he's always jogging along. And that staccato manner in which he delivers his "message" is totally some form of grunting halting speech. And then, whenever he's talking to a "different" audience, he puts on an affectation of accent, ostensibly to appeal to that audience. Sometimes, he trys to sound like M.L. King.