foggytrucker Wrote:
Jul 08, 2012 10:00 AM
The way the GOP did after we won in '94? As one of the wise users out west who was kicked to the side as Gingrich & Co. embraced the enviros, somehow I doubt there will be much opposition. For example, we witness the attack on coal, and cheap electricity, but not a peep from the GOP. We see constant race-baiting, but not a peep from the GOP. Total silence on the fact that gov't health care will lead to two systems, gov't for the poor and good cash-based care for the rich. But I should vote for one who supported government health care and the global warming hoax because he has a "R" after his name? Stick with the McLame Romney paradigm. You'll get as many independent votes as you got enviro votes after you screwed your loyal supporters