Michael50 Wrote:
Jul 08, 2012 8:10 AM
I learned a long time ago, that Americas need one another to give of one another, not to take, and not give back. One other lesson I want to say is, instead of pointing fingers, such as, "Blame Bush", we need to realize that by pointing of that finger, you will always have three pointing right back at you, so go ahead, point that finger you hypocrit, rememeber when Jesus came to the aid of Mary, just when she was about to be stoned, Jesus squated down, proceeded to write in the dirt, then stood up and said, "Those who are without sin, throw the first stone", What Wisdom, because it is of my opinion, what Jesus was writing in the dirt were just a few names of those in the crowd that had sinned, Possibly with the same Mary. We all fall short.