jlamountain buck Wrote:
Jul 06, 2012 8:44 AM
Yes, not having a "Father" or having an abusive or non caring Father can influence kids to have not belief in God. Just the name..."Father God" would make them run the other way. Very sad! We can prove by history alone that all of the "Countries" existed in the Bible/Torah! So anyone who poo poos those books better think twice. Babylon existed! And, so too all of the other mentioned cites therein, start with the Image of Daniel 2. (Nebacadnezzers dream) all of the cities came to pass in his dream..and we are NOW at the end of his dream...in the feet of the image! Because iron and clay do not mix, so the last countries on Earth will never agree. The stone in the dream is The Christ returning to rescue us! Amein!!