JohnB316 Wrote:
Jul 05, 2012 1:01 PM
I have to disagree with Hugh on this one. John Boehner needs to be removed as Speaker if the Republicans keep the House in 2012 and be replaced by somebody who has proven he knows how to stand up to libtards and can take their garbage - Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin. There is nothing in the House rules that mandates that the Speaker be an elected member of the House. Unlike Boehner, who is purely "go along to get along," Scott Walker took on the public sector unions in Wisconsin and won convincingly. If the Republicans can manage to win the Senate in 2012, Mitch McConnell is the LAST person who should be the Majority Leader. He has been as feckless as Boehner has been in the House. I'd like to see either somebody else take this role too.