Paul5702 Wrote:
Jul 05, 2012 7:49 AM
Sadly, the Rangel's, Sharpton's, Holder's etc., don't cease their nonsense but double-down and are 'paid back' 3-fold with more sad sacks. Both they and their useful idiots spreading their counterproductive dogma for the supposed, 'Progressivism' agenda. The aforementioned 'reasoning' by the above grifters, when stripped to it's bare essence is solely due to melanin. 11 + years into the 21st Century.. how pathetic. What the hell is 'Progressive' or 'evolving' so to speak of this end game? i.e. None whatsoever. People's shortcomings is far too difficult to bare for some. Thus false claims of victimhood is more alluring with each passing generation. Empathy NOT hard work is a far more profitable and easier venture.