BzyBee Wrote:
Jul 04, 2012 8:14 PM
I heartily agree with most of the comments of my fellow concerned citizens. I am absolutely APPALLED at what Roberts did.....if I had false teeth I swear that would have fallen out. My question is: if this 'oblahmahealthcare' is SO great...WHY did they and their cronies all RACE to OPT OUT of it????!!! They just want to put us (U.S.) under their thumb...or should I say boot. I tell you the truth....until the day I die I will NEVER forget 'pewlosi' and her nine foot gavel (which meant IN YOUR FACE!!) and all her 'crew' marching up the steps regarding this obamacare bill. And they have the nerve to rag on republicans saying 'they have NO plan' when they (the lefties) DON'T EVEN KNOW what is in THEIR plan!