Frank93 Wrote:
Jul 04, 2012 6:22 PM
Congratulations! You've figured out the economics of Obamacare! And that's precisely what many will do. It's what they've done under Romneycare in Mass., as well. Since you can't be denied insurance when you decide you need it, why not?! But $2K a year is must be young and healthy! My family policy was $9,600 / year and we NEVER go to the doctor, not meds in the household and no chronic illnesses. Even if the penalty is was $2K/year, I'd gladly pay it and pick up insurance when something bad happened. Think if we had that option with our a $200/year penalty for no insurance, then when you have an accident buy a policy to fix your totaled car and pay the $1M claim of the other injured party. What a deal!!