Topeka Wrote:
Jul 03, 2012 10:53 AM
If Granny were POTUS... ... we'd have 5 MM immigrants / year - and still have negative unemployment ... we'd have twice as many aircraft carriers - and no wars ... we'd be paying no interest and have no deficits - and the NYT would howl in rage while WS insiders got a perp walk ... our border would be airtight to illegals - and no one would be groping little kids ... our trade deficit 'd be a surplus Not all b/c of Granny - but b/c of who we would be if we would listen to Granny ... Ron Paul came close (Granny liked his books) but few natl leaders even sound like her. She knew Liberalism b/c she lived it in the Depression - she saw it with her living eyes - and hated it for the bloodthirsty thing it is Happy 4th Granny ;-)