jo jo3 Wrote:
Jul 03, 2012 10:40 AM
There is a solution. (If they have the guts to do it: Every person who was in Contgress (or stiill is) who had a hand into using that money for other than paying SS recipients should have the money refunded to the SS fund out of their pension and or salaries. They blatently stole this money from the public and are personally responsible for the thievery, This money was never theirs to use for other purposes and was primarily used to help their re-electability by using the money for their States. If there was not money in some other account to do this it shoud NOT have been taken from the SS account. If you do not pay your taxes you will be assessed a fine of 19% or so or go to jail why is this not pertainalble to those who stole it .