Derek94 Wrote:
Jul 03, 2012 9:12 AM
How many times I've thought that these beloved "undecideds" and the "moderates" and the "independents" have flirted with hard-core liberalism at the ballot box. How many times have we pulled back from the precipice (like in '80 and '94)? We flirt with the idea of liberalism. We play with it. We tickle it under the chin and sigh, and say "Aren't you cute?" Well, now we've let it loose and we have only ourselves to blame. The left points to the right and makes outlandish accusations (Nazis being among the tamer ones). The right points to the left and makes (supposedly) outlandish claims back (marxists, communists). Yet, when they get power, they turned into exactly what we said they were. Again, we did it to ourselves.