Tchaikovsky Wrote:
Jul 02, 2012 10:30 AM
Applauding China? Me thinks if China had never come into the picture we'd be so much better off. Think of it, no more toxic toys for children, no more mercury poison light bulbs, and no more "made in China crap that falls apart after 3 days use." NO, it wasn't a great act by a prez. It was the worst thing to do to our country. And we have that 'ole German Kissinger who did it all. Why anyone ever let an outsider into our government I'll never know. And 'ole Kiss face did it to prop up his portfolio. If you're for the United States and its' sovereignty, you need to rethink the applause of China. They are a disgusting country! They treat their people horribly. They even put out formula and other goods to kill their newborns!