Richard 2718 Wrote:
Jul 02, 2012 10:23 AM
One poster pointed out that the fetus is a" ... lifeless unviable tissue mass from conception to the point of birth." However, no cell or developmental biologist, biochemist, etc., can make a convincing argument that a zygote, or fertilized egg, much less a fetus is not a human. There is not one genetic component or biochemical pathway central to life that is not found in the fetus that is operational in a new born baby or adult. The burdent of proof that a fetus is not a human lies with the pro-death crowd. If a fetus is unviable, which means it is incapable of living, then why does it develop independent of the mother? Name one non living "object" that can develop. Making statements like this by the unlearned is disingeneous.