Rick4099 Wrote:
Jul 02, 2012 7:52 AM
Yes! Let's Comment. And the results are; The stimulus; Solyndra; Obamacare; immigration; and on and on! None of the comments have had ANY effect on the workings of these politicians. Don't bother to mention Democrat or Republican; or any of the other generated titles. I believe all of these "comments" are used by the afflicted, and inspected word for word! If these afflicted are in need of a new slogan; Voila! Don't bother to mention "Republican" and "Democrat". Rhetoric and hyperbole are the order of the day. It is best if you do not understand. i. e.; the latest results from the Supreme Court! A defeat is broadcast as a victory; depending on ????! The next assault from our politicians; Freedom of speech! Meanwhile; Press "1" for