Sandy506 Wrote:
Jul 01, 2012 7:30 PM
#1 Buck. Congress holds the purse-strings, not the President. And, #2 things were going pretty darn well until Nancy and Harry became top dogs.... Then all Hell broke loose and most people (middle class working people) lost 30-40% of their net worth, which WAS mostly their 402K and equity in their only home. Oh, but wait, 16,000,000 People Lost Their Homes when Clintoon, Barney-Butt & Dodd made banks, NOT WALL STREET, our beloved tax-paid elitists demo rats sell to non-legals and people without neighborhoods like mine, not theirs. Then, with no money down deposits, they could not afford the $1500 month home on their EBT cards. Sooooo. Bush wasn't a bad President. And, thought I'd never say this, "I SURE MISS PRESIDENT BUSH