B-4-REALITY Wrote:
Jul 01, 2012 12:44 PM
THIS IS INCREDIBLE! I've never seen such COWARDS (oh, that's Glenn Beck's new book). Not everyone is as cowardess as them. Geeze - the rest of us have to PROTECT ourselves. This is why we're so upset that the GOV'T refuses to protect the border. I myself was the victim of a felony act - and spent a month in the hospital from the illegal act of an ILLEGAL MEXICAN. Since my accident, again caused by an ILLEGAL, ONE, why don't we consider that the people are escaping human rights abuses? Can you imagine how desperate a mother has to be to drag her 7 year old across the desert with no certainty of water? Or how desperate a father is to put his 3 year old in with 16 other people.in a van. UN does nothing.