marshallbrinson Wrote:
Jul 01, 2012 11:53 AM
Yo True Colors...Explain to me what "GUN CONTROL LAW" would have stopped Federal BATFE Agents from allowing guns to walk???...Answer...NONE!!!! There are already LAWS in place about Straw Purchases and etc, but when FEDS decide to ignore them, no law will do any good! Obama's administration gave itself a Black Eye when it refused to turn over documents to Oversight! If they do not enforce the laws that are already in place, what good will new laws do???? You seriously need to open your eyes and see the real truth! Had BATFE followed laws that are already in place, Fast and Furious could not have taken place! Seems there were already Fed Regulations in place against Gun Walking, the reason DOJ lied in their letter, when it happened!!!!!