kenar Wrote:
Jul 01, 2012 2:59 AM
HR-2885 Sec-6 Fed-Pre-emption Clause: Completely-100% Blocks-Prohibits All States Rights to; pass, enforce, manage, handle, their own State-level E-Verify bills-laws-rules ! States cannot assist with Fed-E-Verify laws-rules in any way either. Any-All E-Verify laws-rules can only be enforced-managed-handled by the Fed-Govt, "DOHS-Dir-would be the Supreme Ruler" over any-all E-Verify laws-rules in the US, States will play no role ! The whole HR-2885 bill is written with the DOHS controlling every aspect of E-Verify laws-rules-enforcement in the USA ! The States will play no role, have no say in E-Verify anymore, that's not a good or acceptable thing ! The Fed-Admin, DOHS-Dir-Jant-Nap, would be able to set politically-related-policies !