kenar Wrote:
Jul 01, 2012 2:58 AM
HR-2885 Legal Workforce Act is a "Heavily-Flawed" pro-amnesty, E-Verify bill ! IT "COMPLETELY NULLIFIES" AZ SB 1070's and All States E-Verify laws ! AL, AZ, GA, IN, MS, PA, SC, UT, VA If HR-2885 Legal Workforce Act passes the US House after the current long drawn out process going through 3 Committees. Only; Obama-Napolitano-Holder-Clinton will be able to monitor-control-handle E-Verify ! It will remain in Feds hands ALL States will be barred from having anything to do with any part of E-Verify enforcement ! The Fed-Appeals Court recently upheld AZ SB 1070's E-Verify laws, as the "Only Part of AZ SB 1070" that they "Could-Would-agree-with ! Bombard All State-US-Congressmen With Complaints About The Soon To Be Voted on HR-2885 !