xjnyc90 Wrote:
Jun 30, 2012 10:36 PM
Shlt in the Woods tries too hard. It's not convincing to say "Well I'm a lawyer but I've decided that it's a better career choice to be a blogger on some backwater website" Don't know what you mean by 'self-promotion.' She doesn't do anything but write blog posts -- what is she promoting? She's not offering her legal services, or anyone else's, and she's not selling a physical product, so what is she doing -- telling the world how smart she thinks she is? And I usually get a good read on somebody based on what they write. A 'good read" is not always an accurate gauge, but I get pretty close. I clearly said I'm not a lawyer so no, I don't have a better knowledge of the law -- just a better knowledge of human nature, Thumper.