MadisonLives Wrote:
Jun 29, 2012 7:31 AM
I take it you mean the impoverished in America today.. if so, you make an interesting point. The trend line for humanity is UP and yet we are never satisfied, are we? Our founding fathers gave us a safe, stable, wealthy society and what do we want? We want more... we want social-justice -- or some of us do. And they have the right to vote. And politicians have a blank check. The solution, therefore, is to OWN social justice not fight it. We don't like THEIR definition of social justice? ok... but then what is ours? and is ours viable in the real world? Madison was a REALIST. If he were alive today, I bet he would say "It is clear to me now, benevolence in government is unavoidable. It must therefore be made to counteract itself."