MadisonLives Wrote:
Jun 29, 2012 7:13 AM
Milton Friedman once said there's all the difference in the world between B & C voting for D to help A, and B,C & D voting to help A. The former is tyranny. The latter is compatible with "equality of opportunity" and therefore liberty. So yes, we ARE paying for cosmic injustice and we should. But we are not doing it right. We need a flat tax or fair tax so we are all paying the same rate. And then we vote together to help those worse off. And we help them by prioritizing publicly the budget we have so the budget (a) cannot be corrupted and (b) will help those who need help most and (c) will help in ways that produce results and (d) will creatively-destroy ineffictive programs and (e) therefore contantly improve. Cap and prioritize.