MadisonLives Wrote:
Jun 29, 2012 7:06 AM
Various political-left regimes HAVE tried to kill all the "greedy" people -- (e.g. every communist dictator) -- their societies still didnt work. No liberty-centric regime has ever tried to kill all the "generous" people. We just want to be left alone. The problem, again, is the right to vote. Voting gives "generosity" the power to take and give. Libertarians like to say "hey that's not ethical" or "we have a republic not a democracy" -- but those are such WIMPY arguments!!! The benevolent dictator of any democracy is the tyranny of the bell curve. What libertarians miss is that the tyranny of the bell curve is can be used to fight the tyranny of social-justice if only social-justice is allowed WITHIN LIMITS. Cap and prioritize.