Edna_Eagle Wrote:
Jun 29, 2012 5:44 AM
I was at first upset by the ruling... the more I thought about it.... it was brilliant. Roberts gave the power back to the people in this election year. He called a spade, a spade. It showed this was indeed a tax which was denied (with much gusto) by Owe-bama. He curtailed the over reach and abuse of the commerce clause. Last but not least he fired up the Tea Party which has been rather quiet lately. Though we won't be anymore not that a fire has been lit and the tea's bubbling and getting stronger. It opened the eyes of many people who were half asleep in their lazy boys and I'll bet they will get out to vote knowing if Obama stays in office in 2014 their taxes will sky rocket and their MD's might call it quits. All in all,not all bad.