massagethemedium Wrote:
Jun 28, 2012 1:32 PM
For a nice, moderate guy who loved the Constitution and wanted to keep the rep of the Supremes Squeaky Clean, Roberts documented himself as the most activist Judge in U.S. History: he created an rationale unheard in his court, and unpresented by even the Gov Lawyers, and used his Roberts Rules to rewrite not only the ability of Congress to Mold Americans, but how the Supremes can be used to implement the illegality. Using his own "logic" he could have actually read the bill before he determined it was peachy and said, hey, this is an affront to Liberty, and Pursuit of Happiness." He Didn't. So now one thing is clear: No More Mr. Moderate. All future GOP Supreme Nominees must fit the Thomas-Scalia-Alito Mold.