avram Wrote:
Jun 27, 2012 1:26 PM
There are NO NEW TAXES FOR 99%! If raising taxes, why keep Bushes Tax? 9 states are below 7,.2% in employ. Corps have 3trillion $ that they're hoarding,Morgran lost 20bil-where did that come from ? .039% on rich ($250K+), "NO" says Reps. 181tornadoes, 121BEFORE season.Insane flooding from Pacific N.W.to Miss. Delta. Hur/Ellen.How did all this get fixed? Lybia, Iraq 21/2tril,Afghan 11/2tril. And cut 60,000civilservice. Europe, new recession from Austerity (wrong) measures. Middle East is a shooting gallery. BP 200bil OOOPS. Other than these evebnts, I can't imagine what's taking so long. Avram than this, Ican't understand what's taking so long.