Merry Colin in Arizona Wrote:
Jun 26, 2012 12:12 PM
RELAX everyone! Although the MSM has reported, "Most of AZ Law Gutted by SCOTUS" or "AZ Loses in SCOTUS", it just isn't so. AZ won! We got what we wanted; the right to find out the legal status of those stopped by police in the ordinary course of business (speeding, red light running, etc.). Now that oblahblah and company have lost the game they have refused to play by the rules. They have taken their ball and left like the petulant and immature children they are. Not to worry; the citizens of AZ will back our ELECTED Sheriff Joe. I have no doubt that he will answer them and we will support him. When he calls for $ to get buses to send the illegals to all be dropped off in D.C. the citizens who elected him will respond favorably.