Lee651 Wrote:
Jun 26, 2012 8:08 AM
Actually GGG-Man, you need to do your homework - and please do. 1. In the 80s the American psychological Association said there was a gay gene. 2. Anyone with non-political motives knew this was false b/c we didn't even know which genes tell eye color let alone something as complex as which genes tell how a person would think (duh! on society - genes don't do this anyway). 4. After Y2K the human genome was mapped. 5. Iin 2003 the APA (& the same doctor who made the gay gene statement) admitted the original gay-gene idea was based solely on POLITICAL pressure and NO SCIENCE was involved. 5. The APA, now using science and no politics, classifies sodomy as a "mental derangement." These people need - civil rights is not applicable