Flyover Al in CT Wrote:
Jun 25, 2012 1:03 PM
The Ego-monstrosity that is Obama is the overcompensation created by Barry Soetoro - the guy who actually carries Obama's emotional life and its sad, traumatic history. Let's see... Dad is a Commie, Muzzie, alcoholic, deadbeat, abandoning, polygamist and Mom is a Commie, abandoning, intercontinental slutt. Barry had to create Obama as an escapist fantasy to avoid facing the life where Mom and Dad were. Barry knows he's mediocre. By living as Obama - his imaginary friend - he's extraordinary. When the reality of Obama's appalling performance becomes even greater than his ability to lie to himself about it, Barry goes golfing to resurrect his fantasy protective shield. Mohammad did his fantasy work isolated in a cave. Barry golfs.