Anonymous823 Wrote:
Jun 24, 2012 1:28 PM
Seiche, It is a fact that you Are seeing the True Story, This Whole Fiasco was Planned to be "Just the Beginning ' of this regime- Non-guvmt.s' takeover of Our Republic.. or what I should say..'whats` left of it ! ' ( Our Patriots Will Fight to the bitter end to Preserve.) With Nothing but More Encouragement from this guvmt. for an even larger deluge of illegals from Mexico to Flood over our borders. THEY planned to have this country half taken over.. Then Comes All the Armed Who will then make their Move...Equipped with All Our Automatic weapons they will ( Surely ) need to turn this country into a bloody killing field. Well, It Got Found OUT. This entire holder-obama plan will be revealed and demolished.. God Willing