cudlow Wrote:
Jun 23, 2012 12:32 PM
Mike, Yes, Obama is horrible, but he will be neutered next year. Republicrats should regain control of the senate, and strengthen their house majority. Obama gets NOTHING passed. Rombama, who wants everything Obama wants, gets the Obama agenda passed because Cantor and McConnell will not oppose "their guy". Who gave us socialist medicine in the US - Rombama. Who fathered "gay marriage" - Rombama. Who fathered attacks on Christians - Catholic charities stopped placing kids for adoption in Crapa2shits because they would not toe the Rombama line on putting kids in "gay" houses - Rombama! Obama is horrible - the worst ever, but Rombama would be even worse as he gets the Obama agenda jammed down our throats and destroys the US.