Larry1652 Wrote:
Jun 23, 2012 10:06 AM
I HOPE I WILL BE PROVEN WRONG I think the Demon-crap faction of the evil Republi-goon and Demon-crap ruling duopoly is becoming worried. Their Obamassiah has failed to turn the economy around, and most economists are predicting an even deeper recession to come. His now-obvious involvement in the Fast & Furious gun running scheme by evoking "Executive Privilege" (a euphemism for "I've done something illegal and I need to hide it."), has greatly tarnished the shine on his perceived "good character". Thus, it wouldn't surprise me if the underlying power wielders within the Demon-crap faction of the ruling duopoly arrange for a pre-September convention surprise--the untimely demise of their Obamassiah. Perhaps by a "sudden, mortal illness"