Cindy300 Wrote:
Jun 21, 2012 9:10 AM
AllisonIntoBattle Wrote: 11 minutes ago (8:45 AM) " What I CARE about is making access to clinics reasonable and available to all women in the state. This is just aother attempt to erode the rights of women and RESTRICT access. " So what you are saying is that as long as an abortion is cheap and available to all women it doesn't matter if the clinic is unlicensed, unsanitary, run by back street butchers who do quickie abortions in greater numbers, running women through like lambs to slaughter (volume is money) is okay? What you are saying is the health of the women is not important? Abortion is the issue, not the health of women. Hmmm. Your logic escapes me. Or maybe you just like all of the attention you get on these boards.