Darren70 Wrote:
Jun 20, 2012 11:47 PM
Dreadnaught; "Obviously because those who were familiar with JS hated his guts. He was hated almost everywhere he showed his conniving face." another blatantly false accusation. Did all Jews hate Jesu' guts/ They are the ones who insisted on kiling Him until they got their way. also, would you use this same argument against the early Christian martyrs? You condement them as much as you condemn Joseph Smith. If you swing the sword be prepared to be bleed by it as well. Also, expect to hit fome friendlies as well. "Eventually his flock was so hated they moved to Utah." They left under heavy persecution. "When Christian people hate you in every state you come into; it's a very bad sign, Darren." Like Arius? What about Tertullian?