Darren70 Wrote:
Jun 20, 2012 8:47 PM
"Smith was tarred and feathered and almost castrated by mormons for one illicit dalliance prior to his polygamous revelation " Factually incorrect regarding the revelation. Also here there is no edivdence of a "dalliance" by Joseph Smith. None. Zilch. It was rumored but that's not evidence. Like an affidavit, I can easily start rumors. Starting one doesn't make it true. As a Christian, you should know the difference. While there were, i think, *some8 excommunicated Mormons (for adultery) , there were no "Mormons" in the attack which beat Sidney Rigden to a dellusional pulp and took the life of Smith's sick one year old boy. If I err on these fact, do tell. Besdies, if Joseph Smith was attacked for his "dalliance", why was Sidney Rigdon?