Cheito Wrote:
Jun 19, 2012 4:34 PM
I would ask should we legislate immorality? Well too late, we already have legislated sexual immorality in these United States. Pornography, prostitution, same sex marriages, this is all sexual immorality and now legal. Not long ago and still in many places today these behaviors were considered immoral and illegal. So it's true what Paul, Christ's Apostle, said, in 1 Corinthians 15:56 "The power of sin is the law" And Evil has the upper hand with this country's lawmakers. They have changed the purpose of the law and instead of legalizing righteousness they have legalized sin. Paul also said, in 1Timothy 1:8- "But we know that the Law is good, if one uses it lawfully... But we have not use it lawfully. What once was evil we now call good.