Trent26 Wrote:
Jun 19, 2012 10:20 AM
The principle conceit of the most common version of atheism is the assertion that, to be rational, EVERYTHING that one believes must either be: 1) logically provable, or: 2) based on ABSOLUTELY (that is, NECESSARY) and UNIVERSALLY-accepted assumptions (or beliefs taken to be true at the very start of one's thinking-process). The first argument from logical provability is ABSURDLY fallacious inasmuch as it leads to infinite regress. The second argument based one the NECESSITY and UNIVERSALITY of one's assumptions is in NO way superior, in terms of avoiding FANATICISM, than the beliefs of any religious enthusiast. In other words, theists and atheists are not, A-PRIORI, either inferior or superior to one another in terms of rationality.