Rick4099 Wrote:
Jun 18, 2012 8:02 AM
'Angry' Money Gives Funding Edge to GOP and Romney" OH! Now we have "angry money" Angry at what? More to the point; WHY? There was a point in the campaign, where Mr. Obama; (Or whatever his name is), was amassing a billion dollars in donations. I wonder why? If Mr. Obama; (Or whatever his name is), is so audacious, and the incumbant; what in the purpose? He should be a "shoo-in"! The office of President is not the question! The big problem is a combination of Senators and Representatives! The invisible lawmakers! Talk about waste; your vote for any one of these; a lesson in futility. They have proved; the less you know; the better your position! Remember the advent of the "Super Committee". Composed of both 'party"s! USELESS i